Mechanical and plant engineering

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Welcome to the industry specialists in mechanical and plant engineering simulation and calculation

Now new:

  • We offer simulation services without the recurring discussions about the results of stress analysis by using the reference calculation method
  • Your advantage: Faster and easier acceptance inspection at the customer or notified bodies


  • Calculation of industrial pipes, pressure vessels and mechanical components
  • Structural-mechanical simulation – strength verification and optimization (elastic and plastic verification)
  • Material fatigue and service life calculation e.g. for optimization of service intervals
  • Special flange design e.g. for externally heated double-walled pipes
  • Flange verifications at the strength utilization limit simulated with fluid pressure penetration of the gasket
  • Pipe system calculations combined with special component verification using Finite Element Method
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – optimization of industrial products and processes through flow and particle simulation
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) studies
  • Thermomechanical analysis e.g. for heat transfer studies / energy optimization
  • Smoke and temperature control in emergency situations at civil infrastructures
  • Energy calculation and optimization for buildings and industrial plants
  • Calculation of steel structures
  • Product development
  • Consulting/Coaching/Training

All services are available according to:

  • EN 13445 (unfired pressure vessels)
  • AD 2000 (accepted regulation for pressure vessels)
  • EN 13480 (metallic industrial piping)
  • EN 1591 (flanges with gasket in the main force connection)
  • VDI 2230 (systematic calculation of highly stressed screw connections)
  • CODAP (building code for French pressure vessels)
  • CODETI (building code for French metallic industrial piping)
  • RToD (dutch regulations for pressure vessels)
  • PD 5500 (british standard for pressure vessels)
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
  • CECT (steel penstocks for hydroelectric power plants)
  • KTA (Nuclear Technical Committee)
  • DVS (German Association for Welding and Allied Processes)
  • DIN EN 13001 (cranes)
  • DIN EN 13155 (cranes - loose load handling equipment)
  • EN 14460 (explosion proof devices)
  • FKM-Richtlinie (Mathematical verification of machine components)
  • Eurocode


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  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost saving
  • Growth in quality level
  • Production growth
  • Problems and bottlenecks solving
  • Bigger earning
  • Better performance
  • Bigger innovation capacity, with lower risk assumption
  • Time saving

Our Partners:

High-quality calculation partners are a basic requirement for professional performance and cost efficience.

That's why we work only with highly experienced and specialized calculation providers.

You can count on our 28 engineers!

Cooperation partners:

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