Mechanical and plant engineering


For privacy reasons, it is not possible to publish all project details contributed to the project experience.

Below you will find a few key figures of finished jobs:

  • Highest calculated pressure: 325 MPa
  • Highest calculated temperature: 1100 °C
  • Heaviest pressure vessel: 600 tons empty weight
  • Largest simulated model: 1645 components
  • Largest tube bundle heat exchanger diameter 3.6 m, tube plates with over 1500 tubes
  • Largest pressure vessel: height 25 m, diameter 15 m, wall thickness up to 120 mm
  • Largest pipe diameter: 7.2 m, wall thickness up to 120 mm
  • Largest T-piece: DN 5000 to 2 x DN 4700, wall thickness up to 50 mm, operating pressure 1.5 MPa
  • Largest Y-piece: DN 4200 to 2 x DN 2800, wall thickness up to 180 mm, operating pressure 8.8 MPa

Manhole pressure vessel
Manhole pressure vessel
Support ring vessel
Support ring special vessel
Transport frame for a 15 tons special vessel
Transport frame for a 15 tons special vessel
Gasket pressure flange connection with 3 bolts prerssure test 29.5 MPa
Gasket pressure special flange connection with 3 bolts. Pressure tested at 29.5 MPa
Bolted and welded beam connection
CAD-Modell bolted and welded beam connection
Results bolted and welded beam connection
Stress results bolted and welded beam connection
Gas scrubber
Gas scrubber


Strength verifications carried out using the finite element method – categorized according to regulations.

Verifications of strength according to EN 13445:

  • Several unfired pressure vessels up to 600 t dead weight
  • Emergency sealing housing high pressure valve (15 MPa / 540 °C)
  • Flue gas ducts for waste incineration plants
  • Special supports for DN 800 pipes chemical industry
  • Test heat exchanger for steel industry
  • Weld crack analysis slow-jet for steel industry (FE model with 700 components)
  • Tube sheets cracked gas heat exchanger for chemical industry
  • Tube sheets waste heat exchanger refinery with 3.6 m diameter
  • Pulp digesters for paper industry
  • High pressure pipe and flange connection with 250 MPa operation pressure
  • Eight almost 50 years old gravel filters DN 4000 for steel company, all wall thicknesses based on measurement reports

Verifications of strength according to EN 13480 / EN 13445:

(Performed with finite element method and/or framework calculation)

  • Pipe clamp stops and shear lugs for pipe supports, segmental bends, elbow supports for several pipe classes
  • Finite element damage analysis of compensator damages
  • HP-, MP- and LP-pipe systems for a paper industry power plant with 62 MWel
  • Cooling water pipe systems for a brown coal power plant with 2 x 1200 MWel
  • Underground cooling water piping for a power plant of a steel factory with flow-optimized T-pieces
  • Double hole pattern of the flanges of a hydraulic nozzle for a Pelton turbine with an operating pressure of 16 MPa
  • Distribution piece DN 1400 / 2 x DN 800 at 1.5 MPa
  • Fatigue verification of hydraulic pipes DN 250 for a pump storage power plant
  • 2 x 900 m grounded penstocks DN 1500 with manholes and segment elbows
  • Underground nitrogen pipes for steel factory

Verifications of strength according to AD 2000:

  • Special flange connections externally steam heated for high-pressure double-walled pipes of the plastic & fiber industry – operating pressures more than 20 MPa
  • Several stainless-steel vessels for the fiber industry
  • Special flange clamps for a ceramic test reactor of the chemical industry
  • Neutralization manifold DN 500 with titanium flanges for chemical industry

Verifications of strength according to Eurocode:

  • Rib reinforced stainless steel pulp troughs (9 m x 4.6 m x 4.1 m) with high agitator torques for a cellulose mill in Sweden
  • Proof of strength and stability (vacuum) DN 1200 pipeline for an evaporation plant at cellulose factory
  • Cold wind pipe DN 1400 for steel industry
  • Transport frames for pressure vessels

Verifications of strength according to other regulations:

  • Explosion pressure shock resistance for distribution ducts in the chipboard industry (DIN EN 14460)
  • Sampling device for steel industry (PD 5500)
  • Fatigue validation of a mixing drum rotating in a clean room for pharmaceutical industry (FKM)
  • Cone ammonia reformer 900 °C / 3.5 MPa(RtoD-Holland)
  • Graphite pressure vessels up to 15 tons dead weight (AD 2000 / Australian Standard)
  • Eleven pressure vessels with dead weights up to 600 tons for the steel industry (PD 5500 / Korean Building Code)
  • Concreted distribution penstocks and pieces of a pump storage power plant with 4 x 250 MWel (CECT)
  • Concreted moated castle, underwater armor and ventilation pipe for a pump storage power plant with 450 MWel (Eurocode / CECT)
  • Participation in analytical and numerical calculation of pressure penstocks of a pump storage power plant with 450 MWel (Eurocode / CECT)
  • Heat exchangers (API 530 / ASME 31.3)
  • Damage accumulation Sigma Rohr-2 results of different creep load cases (EN 13480 / EN 12952-4)
  • Scrap bucket for the crane system of a steel mill

Other project activities:

  • Technical advice to a chemical company in the creation of pipe specs, expert support in pipe spec calculation, creation of order specifications and dimension sheets (EN 13480, EN 13445, EN 1591, AD 2000, EN 10216, EN 10217, EN 1092, EN 10269)
  • Development of a screw manual for an engineering office after studying common regulations such as EN 10269, EN 1515, DIN EN 24015, EN ISO 4032, EN ISO 898, DIN 2510, DIN EN ISO 7089, DIN EN ISO 3506
  • Review and timing of the pipe isometrics and support drawings of a 2 x 120 MWel power plant with 11 heat exchangers for a steel mill
  • Participation in the development of an Organic Rankine Cycle System and in the elaboration of the thermodynamic patent no.: DE102007009503 as co-inventor (multi-stage turbine circuit with intermediate de-heating)
  • Various programming of calculation tools according to technical regulations
  • Classification of pressure vessels and pipes according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU using PED software